More information on the Holz Exocytosis Symposium!

After 42 years at the University of Michigan, Dr. Ronald W. Holz will begin the process of phased retirement later this year. To honor his intellectual contributions to the university and to celebrate the many other ways in which he has influenced and inspired us, we are holding a symposium on May 31, 2019, organized around the themes of synaptic communication and exocytosis.  The symposium will feature several notable speakers including Manfred Lindau (Cornell; Max-Planck Institute), Stephen Smith (Allen Brain Institute), Thomas Martin (University of Wisconsin), Daniel Axelrod (University of Michigan), Alan Finkelstein (Albert Einstein School of Medicine), and Joshua Zimmerberg (NIH).

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Exocytosis Symposium May 31, 2019!!!

Please join us on May 31, 2019, when we will hold a symposium in the Kahn Auditorium (BSRB) celebrating the career of Dr. Ronald W. Holz at the University of Michigan. Featured speakers will include Joshua Zimmerberg (NIH), Tom Martin (U Wisconsin), Stephen Smith (Allen Brain Institute), and Daniel Axelrod (University of Michigan). Stay tuned for more information!